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Dėmesio: ERA skelbia konkursą

Open call: Project European Rural Think Tank

The European Rural Alliance promotes rural development at the European level and is a co-operative body for European NGOs that implement integrated and cross-sectoral rural development policy. Emphasis is put on place-based strategies and integrated policies. “Place-based” is considered as the most suitable development unit respecting the local conditions, strengths and opportunities. Furthermore, the ERA will build connections between various developer parties as well as promote discussion with the authorities, both in the Commission and in the member states. The association is a non-profit organisation.


ERA invites all interested parties to take part in the Rural Think Tank project financed by the Finnish Rural Policy Committee, the Finnish Rural Network unit, All Sweden Shall Live and The Village Action Association of Finland (village movements in Sweden and Finland). Please find below the process description and conditions of the call.


Europe needs new ideas and new approaches for the future – especially now. Only spreading good praxis as such is not enough. They can work beautifully in one society, in one culture under some conditions but fail in others. Therefore we need a method or a checklist to determine if a good praxis is transferable. This is what the Think Tank will do. After that the networks involved in the Think Tank will help spreading the methods or policies to other countries or even to the European level.


This is a win-win situation. If you are implementing a good praxis it will grow stronger through this process, even become mainstreamed. The ones developing the method/policy will perhaps be experts consulted all over.


But for this to happen we need to make the methods/polices visible:


Call for articles on rural development


The main objective is to collect good and innovative policies, strategies and praxis around Europe on rural development. The scope can be European or local, general or sectoral (for example plans, strategies, praxis on economy, youth, entrepreneurship, environment, ageing aso…) with an emphasis on future challenges and good transferability within Europe. Innovativeness is one of the main selection criteria. The project team and all participants to this process are also invited to think of general criteria for transferability of good strategies and practices.


Conditions and process

All communication shall go through the following e-mail: ksmedslund(at)gmail.com. The abstracts and articles should be sent in two copies: one in works or word –format, one in PDF-format.

First step

1.     Presentation of your article on a maximum one A4 by the end of September 2012 in English

2.     All ideas will be saved in a databank on ERA´s/Finnish Rural Networks webpage

3.     An expert panel will select from all presented abstracts 3-6 articles to be developed further.

Second step

4.     The authors of the selected articles will finalize their articles by end of November

5.     Articles will be put on Intranet for questions, comments and general discussion.

Third step

6.     These are then assembled and together with the author, a hired specialist assisted by the expert panel will produce a developed version of the policy or strategy.

7.     The Finnish Rural Network Unit together with ERA is organising during January 2013 a working seminar of two days where these ideas are developed further and invited people will be able to participate to the development work. The selected articles authors are invited by the project to Finland. Good practices and examples will also be presented from the Rural Networks innovation booklet. From the selected articles and the innovation booklet examples the participants will try to generate criteria for transferability.

8.     All processed articles will be rewarded a 500-1000€ award.



Fourth step

9.     The project team will after the comments and ideas of the seminar participants write the newest version on the Intranet by end of March The Finnish Rural Network Unit will then collect the selected and finalized results and make a booklet.

Fifth step

10.  A final seminar is organised in Sweden by Hela Sverige ska leva before summer 2013 where the results are published. Also future cooperation and new steps are discussed. The possibility of using Europe for Citizens Think tank financing is analysed during the project. The authors are invited to Sweden by the project. The dissemination of the results will be done by the Finnish Rural Network Unit together with ERA. The finalized articles are open to public use.



As results we expect rural development strategy/policy/praxis ideas, interesting examples of strategic processes, criteria for transferability and support for strategic planning for all interested..



For more information,

Kim Smedslund, Project Coordinator, ksmedslund(at)gmail.com, +358 40 5833356

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